Blockchain Helps Source Coffee

Blockchain? Coffee? Truly — they can’t have anything to do with each other.

Hold on, now. Don’t be so quick.

Even coffee lovers can get their hands on blockchain. Let’s take a little look at how.

At first glance, a cup of coffee looks like just that. Coffee. A regular drink that a lot of people like either because they can’t do without it to wake themselves up or they love the taste. But with the tiniest bit of knowledge, we can see that it is far more than that.

That cup of coffee is not just a cup of coffee. It’s the result of small beans that cross the globe, stopping at many different stages along the way. From the roaster, to the sources and suppliers, to the farmers themselves, these small beans make a long journey just to get to coffee lovers’ cups.

Coffee connoisseurs, shops, and roasters throughout the industry have taken a keen interest in tracking this global journey, not only to ensure that their beans come from a farms with human rights and Fair Trade policies but also to verify the claims of the traders along the chain.

The blockchain system supplies tracking ability without hassle. By applying blockchain technology to this complicated trade and exchange market, coffee beans can be tracked from farm to cup without difficulty, and any coffee drinker across the globe can use the network to source exactly where their cup of coffee was grown, traded, roasted and finally made into their delicious cup of coffee.

So, yes. Blockchain. Coffee. They can be related. Think twice before you rule blockchain out of any industry.

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