Shardix Database Storage vs File Storage

One question people often ask is how Shardix differs from file storage companies. These include recent startups like Filecoin, Storj and Sia.

Well, the long and short of it is that we are in a completely different industry and offer a completely different product. File storage companies are great for backing up data to the cloud. This data is then saved on many different storage miners around the world who are renting out their spare processing power. However, these files are not databases. That means that you can’t run queries and you can’t edit the data once it is in the cloud. The only way you can access this data is in one piece. You have to download an entire file in order to view it and potentially edit it and then re-upload it to the network. In technical speak, this means that they can’t support CRUD operations (Create, Read, Update, and Delete).

On the other hand, Shardix is specialized for storing databases as opposed to simply files. Just like file storage companies, data are uploaded by the user and then stored on miners’ servers; however, in this case, databases are uploaded as opposed to files. Shardix breaks these databases up into logical shards. This just means that each shard can be queried individually. Once the databases are uploaded and being stored by the miners, they can be accessed and modified over the network without the need to be downloaded and reuploaded constantly. Because access doesn’t require pulling down the entire database, these queries can be served rapidly and cheaply. In fact, under normal operations, each database will be queried many times per second. Thus, Shardix databases are CRUD compliant.

Because we offer such different services from those of file storage companies, each set of clients will be very different. Companies and individuals that want to backup data and leave it in the cloud would be interested in something like Filecoin. However, companies that have databases that need to be stored and queried would use Shardix and could never have used Filecoin in the first place. Thus, Shardix will not be in competition with file storage companies. In fact, our services are very complementary. It is very possible that a client could use both our services and those of a file storage company at once!

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